Darren, Agile Project Manager

Senior Producer, BBC
March 7, 2017

I began working with Susannah at a time when I was feeling frustrated with my current employer and confused as to which direction to take to progress my longer term career goals and aspirations.

Within the span of 3 months, I made a decision to actively create a new future by redesigning my role within my organisation. At the same time I was approached with an external opportunity that would provide me the platform to develop and thrive in an area I am most passionate about. As a result of my coaching, I moved out of an area of employment that had been causing me to stagnate, and moved into a new and exciting area where I have increased my salary by a considerable amount, and most importantly, that I enjoy so much more, as I am surrounded by like-minded individuals. This in itself should enable me to reach my longer term ambitions with much more pace.

Susannah has been an exemplary professional coach, helping to provide the clarity of thought that was needed to enable me to make some life changing decisions in a relatively short space of time. She always asks the right questions which lead you to solid decisions. Susannah makes you feel very at ease and supported in the attainment of your goals. She exhibited a unique sense of interest in my life and her insights and direction are always spot on.