How do you persuade someone about your good idea?

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July 4, 2018
How do you control what’s uncontrollable? 
July 13, 2018

Susannah attended a marketing and communication conference in Rome in March 2018 to discover the best way to maximise tools to share information appropriately.

During the conference Susannah learnt about the ‘Art of Story Telling’ and what makes a story a good story. She was thinking how leaders, that she coaches, could use this art to not just to sell their products but how to sell a new idea or project?

Story telling can be anything from two lines on a flyer to a detailed case study but which ever method is used you need to create an emotional response and reaction.

Susannah shared her own communication and marketing experience at the conference and is in the current process of persuading an organisation, with which she works, to invest in new communication software. Rather than making a traditional proposal she is going to create a story in the form of a case study to demonstrate the benefits. We will let you know if she is successful.