How do you control what’s uncontrollable? 

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July 4, 2018
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Before exploring the world of coaching Susannah, our founder, tried for many years to live in an organised and controlled world and struggled.

She had two young children, a husband who was a busy teacher, a home to look after with him, a full time job (which involved regular additional evening meetings and travel), she was starting up a coaching business, and led a local Beaver Scouting group.

Regularly her phone would beep and she would respond instantly (ignoring anyone she was with or even during meetings), people would knock on her office door to ask a question and have a chat and she never wanted to be rude to turn them away. She couldn’t focus on anything specific and was always multitasking. Throughout the day her stress level would increase and she would go home feeling like nothing was achieved yet exhausted.

Struggling so hard to be Mary Poppins she managed to portray this image to the outside that she was in complete control to her life but all to her own detriment.

How do you control what’s uncontrollable?  You can’t!

Admitting that your life is a little chaotic is fine, you are not a failure. You can’t stop a constant stream of emails and requests, you can’t stop overlapping work streams if those jobs need doing. What you can do is change your response!

Over a short period Susannah started to make changes to her work life which included:

  • decorating the office with easy to follow plans so share work priorities and tasks
  • using her diary to schedule tasks as well as meetings and reminders
  • meditating for 10 minutes every morning before work
  • focusing on one job at a time, rather than multi-tasking, leading to a quicker response and a better quality of work
  • responding to requests in between pieces of work or made notes in her diary to action during quieter periods
  • being honest if she is busy if people required her time. She would agree a time to speak to them when she could give them her full attention


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