Hiring a Coach?

How can coaching improve businesses?
June 12, 2017

Deciding to hire a coach? At Four Peaks Coaching we believe there are three key areas you need to look out for to help you ensure you have chosen the right coach for your business:

  1. Choosing the right coach for you

We believe the success of any coaching relationship is based on the rapport between you and your coach without which the coaching relationship cannot work. This is why our preliminary meeting is so important; it provides an opportunity to find out about the needs of your business and if and the coach we have the right chemistry to work together.

  1. Set goals

In order to measure success of the coaching process, goals need to be set. We ensure goals are set at the beginning of the coaching process and at the start of every coaching session.

  1. Effective coaching should not be an ongoing process

Coaching is a powerful tool and results can be seen quickly. This means the coaching process should have a start and end date which we will set during our preliminary session.