Can story-telling really get critics on side?

How do you control what’s uncontrollable? 
July 13, 2018

Susannah (our founder) had been working with the Chair of Trustees (in a more coaching capacity) who wanted to help improve his organisation with the support of a consultancy firm.

A year on, Susannah planned the update meeting to share the journey, outcomes and future opportunities with their key stakeholders and to help create an engaging and reflective picture story telling would be the best method to use.

The story included specific situations that were encountered such as the proposal being met initially with optimism but very loud criticism from others too. She revealed some specific phrases that were said (by members that were sitting in the room at the time) using the same emotionally charged manner that she heard at the time to reflect how they felt at the time. She demonstrated how their views were  listened to through some challenging 1-2-1 sessions.

Susannah then moved the story on by sharing some positive outcomes, utilising the knowledge in the room, who demonstrated they are on board.  Talking about the various activities that took place that responded to the critics feedback; the results from some of the more achievable projects (that didn’t require their support); and future opportunities ahead.

To end the story and close the session they went round the room to say one thing that we wanted to take from this meeting.

One of the biggest critics, when it was his turn, physically put his hands up and said ‘I hold my hands up, I wasn’t on board but I am so excited now!’

The mood in the room was so positive and the art of story telling helped to create such a reflective powerful picture.

Most importantly, their journey can continue on a positive and upward directory.